Screenplay translation Memoirs of a Hitman


A Screenplay Treatment based on a novel by Johnny Mack From a UK to USA Theme.
By Vince Asbjornsen
Johnny Mack Author on Wednesday 4th April, 2012 at 5:28pm •
Divorced and with four grown up and estranged kids, DANNY MULLINS (47) is a South Boston gangster working for an Irish organized crime firm. Their operations include everything from drug trafficking to prostitution. Referred to as the "Crew," Danny has worked for them for over twenty years. Over that time, he has earned the respect of his peers for being a loyal and trustworthy foot soldier. Since Danny had been in the top echelon, he knows the Crew’s operations like the back of his hand. One usually has to either be related to or married into the Crew but in Danny's case, he's special. His duties involved robbery, mild torture, etc., but never murder.
His first marriage and family failed due to his dedication to the Crew. Though the money was good, he was never around. He had lived all of his adult life the South End section, a distinctly Irish neighborhood. His current occupation has made moving out of the Greater Boston area impossible. Danny is a lifelong criminal.
During an icy night in Cambridge, MA, Danny Mullins has a job to do: to kill Victor Malevich, an ex-fighter from the Serbian army. Malevich is an unknown, at least to Danny. Crouched in the rear of the intended victim's van in a suburban East Cambridge neighborhood, Danny contemplates his situation.
Danny asks his boss, RONAN, if it would be okay to retire from the Crew after twenty-two years of service. Danny's second wife and former model, AILEEN (20s), who has stuck with Danny through both good and bad times, has a brain tumor. He loves her more than life itself. She's a praying woman, but prefers to keep that aspect of her life secret. He would like to take care of her and their young son, DANNY, JR.
Though, Ronan, who is cold and heartless to his enemies, does not want to allow Danny to leave. He knows too much. Danny is left bereft and tries to ponder whether he wronged the Crew in any way, but can't recall any incidents.
Two days later, Danny is called back to meet with Ronan and one of his murderous henchmen and son-in-law, JOEY. Ronan's relationship with Joey is constantly strained due to the former's lack of respect for the younger Crew member. He treats his son-in-law with constant disregard. Danny is not fond of Joey due to his maniacal ways. Joey is known for using his own clout with Ronan to inflict sadistic punishments against enemies. He is intensely disliked by many of the in the organized crime world. As for Joey, he hates Danny due to his special position in the Crew, he is offered a compromise: Danny can retire, but he as to work a "part-time job" for one of Joey's clients. This gives Joey a form of power over Danny.
After two more days of peace, spending time with Aileen and Danny, Jr., Danny receives call from an unknown woman, whom Danny refers to as SUE, to conduct a hit on a person Danny does not recognize. The hit is to take place at a secluded golf course in Quincy, MA that afternoon, which Danny cleanly completes with ease and efficiency. It is his induction into being a hit man, and though it is his first, his conscience is not bothered.
Aileen goes in for surgery, which is a success. Though, the post op situation is precarious due to possible hemorrhaging. Even a sneeze could kill her. This puts more pressure on Danny to take extra care of his wife, though he has a difficult time playing both nurse and housekeeper. All the while, his "part time job" takes Danny away from Aileen and Danny, Jr. only a few times. Each assignment is executed without a hitch. Aileen continues to improve, but still has no idea that Danny has gone from a run-of-the-mill criminal to a murderer.
Victor emerges from his house and enters the van. After a few moments, Danny surprises the Serbian from behind and shoves a fourteen inch chiv into Victor's neck and through his brain. Danny quickly leaves the scene of the crime to make his getaway.
One afternoon, Danny receives a call from the mysterious Susan, ordering him to conduct a hit that would include forty-eight hours of torture. For the first time, he questions his assignment due to its excessive nature, but is severely rebuked.
Though, his blood begins to boil when he learns that his target is Fergus O'Boyle, a sex offender and pedophile of the worst sort who was allowed to go free from court on a technicality. Apparently, his sickness struck home with someone in the Crew. The job is known as "Mother's Revenge."
With deep seated anger, Danny plans his abduction but conducts it with less care as he is yearning to teach Fergus a lesson before killing him. Nabbing him with the use of a syringe full of diazepam, Danny transports the pedophile to a warehouse located under a railroad bridge near Bourne, MA. Danny ties Fergus to a large dining table, gagged, naked and spread eagle. To conceal his identity and cause more terror, Danny uses a mask from the horror movie Scream.
Utilizing taunts and physical tortures such at massive cigarette burns, an amateur "nose job" with a sadistic cauterization and a tongue amputation, Danny sets out to complete his task. Though, in the middle of his job, Joey calls with instructions to stop because the Fergus's victim's relatives want to finish the job. On one hand, Danny is relieved due to his finding his assignment nauseating. He leaves the warehouse with a promise that he will clean up the mess when all is finished.
Upon returning home to Aileen, his primary solace in life, his thoughts begin to trouble him as to what he has done to Fergus. Danny prefers a quick kill as opposed to drawn out torture. Maybe he is not the cold-hearted murdering bastard anymore. Aileen sees that he is bothered, but he chalks it off as a bad day. That night, he does not sleep well.
Next morning, he has to clean up what is left of Fergus. Aileen wants Danny to take her and Danny, Jr. along for the ride, but Fergus cannot allow that. She still does not know what he does for his "part time job."
When Danny arrives at the warehouse, he is beyond sick at the remains of Fergus. The burned body is in a state of disembowelment castration, but Danny sections the body and turns the warehouse into an inferno, nonetheless. Taking the Fergus's remains with him, Danny locates a pig farm just out of Tewksbury, MA to dispose of the body parts, though even that leaves Danny repulsed.
A few days later, Danny takes Aileen and Danny, Jr. on a small getaway to the Berkshires. Though, the uneasy feeling weighs upon him regarding the Fergus affair. His expression is sullen, and Aileen notices. She confronts Danny that she's actually been worried about him for the past few weeks due to his distant nature, but he vehemently denies that anything is wrong.
Upon returning to the South End, Danny heads to the local tavern to gain a small respite. It is at that time that FATHER MALONE (55), a local priest, enters to enjoy some Jamieson's Whiskey. They discuss Danny, Jr.'s upcoming baptism, though Danny has not been attending church. They spend some time together and make plans for Danny to visit the church to schedule a baptism date and to make a confession.
Oddly enough, Danny sleeps well that night. The next morning, he seems lighter, which Aileen believes is due to their previous discussion. Danny keeps his appointment with Father Malone, who is thrilled that Danny actually kept his word. It is during this visit that Danny learns that Father Malone knows about his involvement with Ronan and their "activities." Danny is surprised, but Father Malone assures him that others from the Crew have also visited the priest, too. Father Malone convinces Danny to make a confession, which Danny does for the next hour, even confessing the murders and the Fergus affair. Though his sins are grave, Father Malone gives Danny absolution. Danny must make amends and leave the Crew if he wishes to avoid more sins. However, Danny does not know how to do so without risking Aileen, Danny, Jr. and himself.
Danny has two ways he can leave the Crew. He can leave the country and settle in South America. Though, his money would not last. The other choice he has is easier, but filled with danger. He would need to kill both Ronan and Joey, which would ultimately shatter the Crew.
Danny begins to devise a plan that would free him from the Crews clutches, though it cannot be hasty. Danny has privileged information regarding both Ronan and Joey. His knowledge also includes offshore accounts, safe houses and Crew enemies.
For a small period of time, job activities are quiet, and Danny tries to spend quality time with both Aileen and their son. Family life begins to settle in on him. It is evident that he would like to leave South Boston for good to make a life for his loved ones.
After returning from a weekend with Aileen spent in Salem, MA, a runner for the Crew pays a visit to deliver a message to Danny. Ronan and Joey wish to meet with him. This does not bode well with him as the subject matter deals with drug business with a Russian mafia organization called the Dyalov Gang out of Brookline. Though, a situation had ensued between the Russians and Joey, Danny does not know the details.
Aileen does not understand why Danny is being summoned, as he is supposed to be retired. She questions him, but he grows defensive. She has doubts that he is out of the Crew, but he tries to assail them to ease her worry.
Danny goes to meet with Ronan and Joey, but is surprised at the amount of the Crew's "white collar" workers who are present for a meeting. He learns that the Dyalov Gang had deceived the Picts on a $3.5 million cocaine deal, in which they sold Joey an inferior brand. Attempting to rectify the situation, Joey kidnaps one of the Dyalov members with a threat of either being reimbursed, or having one of their owned carved into pieces. The Russians refused, and Joey, true to his nature, returned the Dyalov Gang member back to them in many pieces. Ronan is furious with Joey for his stupidity, but realizes that the problem must be solved. He puts a contract on the Dyalov Gang leader's head, but to avoid a war, another Crew member, MICKEY, has an idea to set up the Russian mob. Danny feels that this new situation may offer him another possibility to gain his freedom.
After the meeting is adjourned, Ronan has a word with Danny, wishing to know the latter's view of the situation. Danny's view is that it was stupid to allow Joey to conduct business with the Dyalov Gang. Ronan wants the Dyalov leader whacked, but Danny thinks it's a bad idea. Instead, he offers for one of Russian leader's family to be killed, preferably a possible wife or child, which Ronan seems to like. However, Ronan opts for abduction, an assignment he gives to Joey. After Joey exits, Danny fills Ronan in on all he knows about the Dyalov Gang.
This new development gives Danny a brainstorm in how to resolve the situation. He ventures to a seedy Dorchester bar to meet with a Ukrainian pimp named DIMITRI, who happens to owe Danny a favor. He asks the pimp to simply make a phone call and be sure to speak in a strong Russian accent. When pressed, Danny cannot reveal the purpose, but will inform Dimitri when to complete his task.
Danny is called to meet again with Ronan in order to discuss how to retrieve the money from the Dyalov Gang. Danny has an idea, but he needs time with it. All the other "white collar" members agree. However, Ronan will not have that, expecting immediate results and storms out. The top Crew members throw around many ideas, but none of them seem to be satisfactory. Surprisingly, this pleases Danny, as their lack of agreement helps to commence his plan. Danny leaves the meeting without permission.
That evening, Danny goes to visit Ronan at his home, who is furious that Danny disobeyed his order and exited the meeting without permission. Danny explains that he left due to his having a better plan than the rest of the Crew. Danny's story is that he has access to one of the Dyalov Gang members who will pass information to him. Ronan wants to know the Russian traitor's motive. Danny relays that Joey cut up the Dyalov member's brother, but the Dyalov boss did not help his underling.
Therefore in exchange for information, the Russian contact would like to exact revenge on Joey and the Dyalov boss. Ronan seems to have mixed feelings about this idea. However, for Danny, the plan is taking shape.
Danny and Aileen go out to dinner. He relays to her that he has some unfinished business with the Crew before they can totally be free, which she wants more than anything. Though, if things do not go as planned, they may have to relocate to a faraway destination.
Receiving a call from Mickey, Danny agrees to meet him at a scrap metal yard in Roxbury. Mickey relays to Danny that Ronan has a plan in progress, which unbeknownst to the rest of the Crew, is Danny's.
Danny finally calls Dimitri and they agree to meet at a sleazy bar south of the Boston Common. However, before the meeting, Danny returns home, with Aileen luckily out. Dressing in work clothes, Danny prepares his car for "bodily" transport just in case the meeting with Dimitri ends badly.
In the early evening, Danny and Dimitri meet over a few beers. Danny offers him the chance to earn $80,000 in order to make a phone call as a member of the Dyalov Gang, using a script devised by Danny. A few nights later, he is to drive his car to Millennium Park wearing hair extensions as a disguise. Dimitri will thus exit the car and wait next to it. Dimitri seems suspicious, causing Danny to come clean with his plan to kill both Ronan and Joey. Dimitri only wants to know why, since this could mean his own demise. Danny relays the stories of the Fergus and Dyalov Gang situations. Dimitri agrees, which leaves Danny relieved for not needing to whack the Ukrainian pimp.
That evening, Danny comes home to watch Aileen taking care of Danny, Jr. She is oblivious to him at first, which gives him a chance to gaze at her with total love in his eyes.
The next day, Danny and Ronan meet at the latter's house in the North End. Furiously, Ronan discloses how Joey has been cheating on his daughter, DAWN. Joey's lover works for TOMMY, who runs a sexually oriented massage parlor in South Boston. This new development gives Danny an edge on influencing Ronan to have Joey killed. It is decided that Joey's involvement with the Crew must cease, which Danny will accomplish and be paid for on Ronan's order. Danny thus proceeds to discuss with Ronan a $4 million upcoming cocaine deal with a small time faction of the Dyalov Gang from the Brighton, which is part of Danny's plan involving Dimitri. Danny claims that that the Russians will need the money in advance, though Ronan is skeptical, since he was stung by them once before. Ronan will put up half in advance, and the other half upon delivery. To further help Danny's plan, Ronan invites himself along to meet with Danny's "Russian." However, Ronan wishes for the meeting to take place at his own house as opposed to the Millennium Park part of Danny's plan. Therefore, Joey could be whacked with the rest of the Crew believing it would be an external hit.
When Danny returns home and stashes Ronan's advance, he finds a forlorn Aileen. She confronts him about what he is: a murderer. In trying to quiet her down, Aileen becomes physical and tries to injure Danny, thinking he may wish to kill her, too. However, Danny, barely maintaining his patience, gets the upper hand to calm Aileen. She demands the truth, and Danny admits his murderous actions were a compromise for "retirement." Otherwise, his, Aileen's and their son's lives would be at risk. Aileen confesses that she learned of Danny's activities through Joey's girlfriend, MEARA. If Ronan gets word of their conversation, both Meara and Aileen are at risk for a whacking to maintain silence.
Danny confronts Meara and wants to know who told her. Terrified for her life, she admits that Joey disclosed this information. Though, she did not only tell Aileen. She told Tommy, as well. If Ronan learns of this leak, he could postpone his meeting with Danny's "Russian," which would bring him back to square one. He then has no choice but to let Aileen in on his entire plan.
Danny plans to whack Tommy, as he is now a liability. Since Aileen knows everything, she volunteers to be Danny's driver. He reluctantly accepts her offer as long as they park far enough from the scene of the crime. For him, her being at risk is too much to handle.
Danny sneaks in to Tommy's house and happens upon the latter while he's obliviously watching the television. Ready to shoot him in the back of the head, Danny changes his mind and speaks to him. Tommy is expecting retribution for Joey's and Meara's affair, but Danny is more concerned whether or not Meara disclosed information regarding Danny's activities. Tommy reluctantly admits that Meara mentioned that Danny was a hitman, but denies spreading that fact to anyone. Though, Danny cannot take a chance and shoots him, nonetheless. Danny's other reasoning is that both Ronan and Joey could be blamed for Tommy's murder: Ronan, for "allowing" the affair to occur; and Joey, whom Ronan would blame due to Tommy shooting off his mouth. On the down side, if Ronan whacks Joey, it could compromise the meeting with Dimitri.
Upon returning to the car, Danny has Aileen take him to the Charles River where he disposes of his gun. When they arrive back home, Danny has them both strip in the garage so as to burn their clothes; though, Aileen seems aroused by the night's activities. Not needing much to turn Danny on, both engage in passionate sex.
Later, Danny arrives at Ronan's place to find Mickey just leaving to go and find Tommy. Danny plays it up that Tommy may is probably in hiding due to Ronan's retribution regarding Joey's and Meara's affair. When he is finally alone with Ronan, Danny gives him the details of the cocaine deal, a simple swap of cash for blow.
The next morning, Danny arrives at a local pool hall, the hang out for the Crew. He listens to conversations about what happened to Tommy, and intentionally delivers false suggestions that Joey was the culprit. During his visit, Mickey pops in and relays Tommy's body has been found. All present begin to believe that Joey is to blame. Though, Danny's next dilemma is to keep Ronan from learning the news too quickly. Ronan may think that Joey had something to hide, which could jeopardize Ronan wishing to meet with Dimitri. He convinces Mickey not to disclose Tommy's death to Ronan under the guise of it possibly mucking up Ronan getting back his money.
Contemplative, Danny is sitting at the kitchen table when Aileen serves dinner and places an envelope from the consulate of Uruguay in next to his plate. Their departure is now a reality. As she feeds Danny, Jr. while she eats, Danny regards her in the most loving manner and tells her as much.
That evening, Danny meets with Dimitri to confirm the details. Dimitri is concerned that the plan may fail, leaving him out of his promised money. This seems to concern Danny as well, but for more noble reasons: his, Aileen's, and their son's escape without suspicion. Danny's plan is to allow Aileen to hold on to the money in order the give it to Dimitri after Ronan and Joey have been whacked. Though, if the plan goes awry, Dimitri will take Aileen and Danny, Jr. to the airport, where he will nonetheless receive his money after the other two are checked in for a flight. The other detail that the weapon used must be an AK-47, which will make it look like a Russian mob hit.
After a morning Mass, Danny goes to meet with Father Malone to discuss Danny, Jr.'s baptism. He would like it to occur before the Crew situation has been resolved. Father Malone inquires about Danny leaving the Crew, but Danny only states that it will happen very soon.
Danny returns home to find Aileen packing. He warns her to pack light, and that their son will be baptized the next day, but against Aileen's wishes, it will need to be a quiet affair. The reasoning is that if all goes wrong, they could all be killed, and Danny does not want his son dying without a proper baptism.
Danny pays a visit to Ronan that evening and misleads the Irish mob boss that Joey was responsible for Tommy's death. Discussions turn to the Dyalov cocaine deal and the remainder of the money, which Ronan thinks is to close the drug and cash swap. Ronan is still skeptical, but Danny convinces him that he'll receive his buyer's money back, the "bad deal" money owed to him, and Joey's whacking. Ronan believes that Danny is going to kill Joey during the deal with the "Russian."
At home, Aileen sees the money and becomes very excited. This is their future, at least for the next few years. It would go far in Uruguay.
Danny makes contact via pay phone with Dimitri to finalize obtaining a getaway vehicle and the AK-47. The vehicle is an SUV. Dimitri is to park the SUV next to Danny's car and leave the weapon in Danny's trunk where he would find money for the Russian rifle. Dimitri is to meet at Danny's on Friday night at seven-thirty.
Danny goes out and leaves his car at the agreed upon parking lot in Millennium Park and goes into a nearby Roxbury tavern. Though, Mickey and Joey are present and give the excuse that they were just getting a drink. Their presence makes Danny nervous. He is worried that Joey may have let Mickey in on the plan. Upon returning to his car, he finds the SUV parked next to it and the AK-47 in his trunk.
In the morning, Danny and Aileen have their son baptized by Father Malone. He inquires if Danny and Aileen will be attending Mass on a regular basis, though Danny only smiles, knowing that they shall be leaving forever.
Later, Danny meets Ronan at his house and confronts him about Mickey's involvement. Ronan assures him that nothing is wrong, but this is not a comfort to Danny. It all seems too easy.
Nevertheless, Danny travels to Millennium Park where the deal is supposed to occur. Confirming that nobody is present, he stashes the AK-47 in some nearby undergrowth.
The next morning, Danny arises from bed and proceeds to pray and meditate in order to clear his mind. A little later, he retreats to the garage to make sure his personal car is totally clean of any forensic material. Upon returning back into the house, he sees that the suitcases are near the front door. He severely admonishes Aileen about it due the risk that anyone from the Crew could decide to pay a visit. How would they explain it? She bursts into tears, which causes him to feel like a jerk. He apologizes and explains that he's stressed about that evening.
At dinner, the mood is quiet as they realize that it could be their last meal together. He receives a call from Dimitri saying that he is ready for the upcoming evening's events. He proceeds to give Aileen a gun for her own protection, though she seems too excited by it. She is to wear gloves and not remove them for any reason so as not to leave fingerprints. Danny warns her to shoot anyone who is not Dimitri or himself.
Leaving the lights and television on to give the appearance that someone is home, Danny pulls out in his car with Aileen and Danny, Jr. tucked into the backseat.
Danny, Aileen and their son arrive at Millennium Park and pull up to Dimitri's SUV, into which their luggage is transferred. Aileen and Danny, Jr. climb into the back seat of the SUV. After she confirms that she has the gun, Danny and Aileen kiss passionately, as if it is to be their last. He confirms with Dimitri that all is ready and to make sure that when exiting the SUV, to turn off the overhead interior light, or else their cover will be blown.
Pulling away in his car, Danny leaves it in a safe area just out of the park, and makes his way into some undergrowth with the AK-47 tucked into a jacket.
At ten-thirty, Ronan and Joey pull into Millennium Park. Danny approaches and makes contact with them to confirm the "Russian's" presence. Ronan sends Joey off with Danny to meet him. As they approach Dimitri's SUV, Danny extracts his AK-47 and kills Joey. Ronan is angry that Danny did it before he received the information that Joey was supposed to disclose regarding the deal. Danny turns and sees Ronan approaching and aims the Russian rifle at him. At that point, Ronan realizes that Danny is serious and pleads for this life. Ironically it only causes Danny to grow angrier right before he empties the AK-47's clip into Ronan's body.
Unexpectedly, two shotgun blasts resound from Dimitri's direction. When Danny races to see Aileen and his son, he sees hears his wife scream, followed by several pistol shots. Almost tripping over Dimitri's body, Danny finds her behind the SUV holding his gun. She indicates the other side of the SUV where Mickey, holding a shotgun, lies dead on the pavement. Danny, Jr. is still asleep, safe in the SUV.
Not according to plan, Danny retrieves their luggage, and he, Aileen and their son return home in Danny's car. They decide to act as if all is normal for the time being.
The next day, the Crew gives Danny the news about the previous night's events. Danny makes his way to the pool hall and inquires as to who is responsible. The blame is being put on the Dyalov Gang. He is requested to come out of retirement in order to run the Crew, but Danny stubbornly refuses. For him, the Crew is dead.
Upon arriving back home, Danny finds the police waiting for him. He and Aileen give the alibi that they were home the entire night. After looking through the house, the police seem satisfied and leave.
Danny pays a visit to Father Malone for a confession, which he discloses all, except for Aileen shooting Mickey. The priest tells Jack that he does not condone the act, but understands the reason. However, he is curious as to why Danny did not mention Mickey. Danny only smiles.
Two weeks later in Uruguay, Danny reads a newspaper that is carrying the story and the final police report of the Crew and Dyalov shooting. Tommy has been accused of all the shootings. Satisfied, Danny sits down to breakfast with Aileen and Danny, Jr. on a veranda

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