One to one Skype Counselling service

Johnny who is now a devout Christian and is a life trained counsellor helping others who are on the wrong path, the very path Johnny had once walked for many years. Johnny uses his life experiences to help the young and old, whether it is a kid hooked on heroin and doing crime or a middle aged family man with a drink problem. Johnny has been working for many years with government agencies and private therapy groups with the sole purpose of helping people beat their addictions and behavior problems.

Johnny has a huge following on social networking sites such as FaceBook and Twitter. Through these sites Johnny is contacted daily by many people who are looking for help with their addiction problems after reading his autobiography. He does his best to answer all enquiries from people who are in the depths of despair because he has been where they are and wants to help. Because Johnny is gaining popularity in the field of counselling people with addiction/behavior problems he has decided to do ‘one to one’ therapy sessions via Skype. So it matters not where you are in the world you can still have a ‘one to one’ with Johnny or one of his associates. At the moment Johnny has a female counterpart called Kathy who is highly experienced and has worked with Johnny for over 6 years. Kathy was asked to help and get involved in this new way of counselling because there was a call for a female counsellor. Some clients find it hard to talk to someone of the opposite sex especially women. So Johnny has asked her to join him on this new enterprise so that he can reach out and overcome those minor problems to those that need help.  

Johnny says: 

"When I overcame my addiction problems, I went full steam to find out why it was that I became hooked to substances that would give me that feel good feeling. I thoroughly researched the illness of alcoholism and drug addiction. I wanted to know why it had got the better of me and why it was so hard for me to stop. I spoke with other professionals such as psychiatrists, therapist and doctors and gained from their knowledge on what they had learnt over the years. I spent many years speaking with other addicts and gained a vast amount of experience from them. With all this knowledge stored I put together a working program aimed at recovery. The program is a simple one to follow but there are changes that need to be met before recovery can take place.

It is basically our thinking that is the root cause for our addictions and behavior problems. Changing that thinking is the hard part but only if we allow it to become that way. My program of recovery works for all, regardless of who you are, rich or poor, what race you are or what class you are, it makes no difference. Addictions have no one special in mind once they get a grip of the person. It has no qualms on who it will attack but it does run a pattern if addiction has been in your family. My studies have shown me that addiction is not a weakness of the victim; it is an illness of the brain which makes it a mental illness. Some professionals shy away from that theory but facts have shown and proved that it is a mental illness. The important thing about addiction is that it is incurable so the addict can never be recovered…but do not despair because recovery is available providing the addict does certain things and change other ways of thought. That way the addict can live a normal life minus the cravings and obsessions of the mind which every active addict faces each day. Today I live a life that is free of drugs and alcohol and my mind is in constant recovery giving me a peacefulness of the mind that resembles serenity of the soul.

If you are interested in taking part in Johnny’s program of recovery than contact him via email to leaving your details and Johnny or Kathy will get straight back to you to organise an assessment of your particular requirements.

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