Book Review Terms & Conditions

This page is dedicated to reviewing, marketing, and promoting the work of established and up-and-coming Authors of all different genres. This service is commencing in May.

We are offering a unique service whereby you the author can submit a copy of your work for our team of reviewers to read and apprise on each novel. Each of our reviewers are practised in their chosen genre and consist of other Authors, Literary agents, Journalist/Columnist societies, Book clubs and a university lecturer (English literary). Each reviewer is a connoisseur in their chosen genre and are proficient to give a candid informative assertion on the novel in question.

How it works:

1. Send us a copy of your novel where it will be passed on to one of our panel who will be proficient to the genre of your novel.

2. Once your novel has been read the reviewer will then loan your novel to a reputable book club/forum for their estimation. When they are finished reviewing we will then video a pre-review film of what they and we thought of the storyline as a whole. Their opinions will be based on the style, content, and its plausibility and what affect it had on them whilst reading it. Their opinion will be of an honest and unbiased reflection on what the book is about.

3. While the reviewing process is underway, you may be contacted if the reviewer has any queries he may need to discuss with the author. This way will prevent any wrong or miss-read material being put into the finished report. Also it cuts out any confusion which may occur if the reviewer reads something the wrong way before it is aired. Once the video review report is finished you will be sent a copy for your approval before its release. This will be your last chance to cancel, cut or add more content.

4. For a minimal charge your video review will be aired on, and you will be allocated a half-page for your video/written review. We will download your cover design and place it along side your reviews where there will be a ranking for your novel. (1* to 5 ***** (Optional).

5. E-Books will be reviewed in exactly the same way as the hard copies but you would need a cover design for when we promote your work.

6. My associates and I will promote your book + video review for a 28 day period not only on my site but others that are linked to my site giving it worldwide coverage. These other linked sites will include book stores, libraries, universities and colleges etcetera. We also include regular pitching on a big scale to social networking, book clubs, forums etc both here in the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA.

7. Our service will include having your review shown on video (Aprox 10-15 minutes) in a format of a discussion with two of our appointed reviewers who will be talking about your book. This is by far the best method of getting your work out there to the general public. Not only will the video review be aired on our site it will be placed on the Youtube network as well as dozens of specialised generic wall pages on social networking sites. This will give your novel worldwide coverage through the thousands of contacts we have obtained and stored in our data base.

8. Included with your allocated space on my site there will be provision for your novel to be purchased through my site. There will be a ‘Buy now’ button which will direct the customer straight through to your source of out-let. Amazon being the most preferred source for any orders of your books (We do not handle any cash transactions)

9. With our help thousands of book lovers of all kinds of genres will hear of and have access to your book, many of them being passionate readers.

10. Depending on your location we can arrange and organise a book launch for you which would be local to your home town. This can only be arranged if your novel is newly published and that you have a supply source for your novel.


This service cuts the time you would spend trying to promote your novel yourself. I have contacts in the Film/TV industry that are always on the lookout for new material for their movies and dramas. As an author myself I have been approached about my work being turned into film. To date I have Clairvoyant Pictures who are interested in making a US version of my new crime novel ‘Memoirs of a Hitman’ At present we are in the discussion stage a place where I have been before with my autobiographies. So I am not counting my chickens just yet but I am confident that a breakthrough will happen soon. But none of these people would have heard of my site if it were not for the marketing methods my team and I use to gain publicity. Getting your work out there can be an arduous task but if you want to be successful you need to keep at it day after day. What we are aiming to do is give the established, the up and coming and the new author an enhanced chance of getting recognised. We can do that by sticking together and do exactly what this service is offering. This section on my site will attract other authors that share the same dream that we all get a best seller or a film translation of our work. So having a bunch of high-quality up and coming authors all on one site gives each and every one of us a better prospect of getting our work noticed.

I have good friends that are agents, producers, directors and publishers that will be looking in on my site regularly. As you know these people search for new ideas and good story-lines for their own projects. Having a whole group of authors’ all in one place is a bonus for those that require material for film/TV work. But having an accompanying video review gives your work a far better chance of getting selected. (90% of films are based from novels).

Interested? Use our contact page and leave a message with you details.

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