Sari Caste

Manasa is abandoned by the man she should marry. He marries her sister instead. Meanwhile Manasa finds herself pregnant with his child. She flees her Bengali village wondering where to go. Eventually, she finds herself wandering the streets of Calcutta. Without money or food, life is a daily struggle. Finally, she is taken on by a brothel. She is desperately unhappy until she meets a different sort of man. This man she marries in secret and together they plan her escape from the brothel.

Murder, corruption, and intrigue threaten to swallow up the new life they attempt to establish in the beautiful hill country of Darjeeling.


This is an amazing book! The characters and their plights pull you in immediately and you come to care for them quickly. Beautifully written, you can taste, smell, and experience the harsh realities of India and its culture in the colourful prose that jumps out of the page. The plot is fantastic and hooked me so much I couldn't put it down.
Sibel Hodge
Sari Caste
Sari Caste
Catherine Kirby
Price: £9.99