Trinity (E-Book)

What does it mean to find an imaginary cowboy in the kitchen? Ben Rider is about to find out.

Loads of kids have imaginary friends. Not many 38-year-old video games company Managing Directors do, though. But after an absence of 25 years, Trinity, Ben Rider's childhood imaginary friend, has popped back into Ben's life, claiming he's come to help Ben find his destiny.

Ben's quite ordinary life goes haywire with Trinity's reappearance. Whether Trinity is in his guise of mischievous but kindly cowboy, chickenhearted pirate or straight-talking private eye, things are either exciting or downright alarming. Within months, thanks to Trinity, Ben will have a restaurant collapse on top of him, be seduced and later shot at by a Welsh femme fatale, meet someone else's imaginary friend, and lose both a wife and an ex-wife, but true to Trinity's word, he will have found his destiny whether he likes it or not.


Someone should make a film of this. Couldn't stop reading. A real page turner. Highly recommend, it will make you see your troubles in a different light.
Mary Wood
Trinity (E-Book)
Trinity (E-Book)
Patrick Fox
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