The Fishing Trip (E-Book)

 When do you cross the line from being the 'hero' to becoming the
 monster? Durham killed his abuser at the age of ten.

As an adult and
 tired of pedophiles having free reign on innocent children, he decides to take the law into his own hands. His fishing
 excursions are to die for.

Growing up as an abused child himself, Durham now considers himself to 
be an avenger of stolen innocence...


Ms Wade, has shown the mastery that she truly has in the writing, construction, and execution of this book. It tells of how once you are something, no matter how well you try to mask yourself, the truth will ALWAYS rear its ugly head. I would highly recomend this book as a must read.
The Fishing Trip (E-Book)
The Fishing Trip (E-Book)
Ey Wade
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