Zac's Destiny

Zac is a fifteen year old stable boy whose life is turned upside down when he finds himself in the midst of demons, magic and a perilous quest. The land around Albemerle castle is under attack, and the only hope of survival for Zac and the people he loves is to find the great wizard, Aldric.

Men have already died trying.

Strange dreams mark the beginning of Zac’s life changing events. Armed with a magic sword, ring and crystal, he sets out with a group of soldiers to find Aldric. Demon attack almost ends Zac’s quest as soon as it begins.

Zac refuses to give up, and soon finds himself accompanied by unusual travelling companions. Many dangers bar their way. Only Zac’s determination and the unexpected help he receives can make it possible to find and free Aldric, and return for the final battle to save the land…


I bought this sword and sorcery adventure for my grandson, but thoroughly enjoyed reading it myself too! The characters are believable and well developed, and the story is action packed from start to finish. Though it is a children's novel, I would recommend it to young and old alike. A great offering from a new writer.
Ms. L. Regan
Zac's Destiny
Zac's Destiny
Lynne North
Price: £5.99