What's next for Johnny?

by Johnny Mack
Since the release of my fiction novel ‘Memoirs of a Hitman’ on January 31st and my UK book launch 21st February, I have been snowed under with request of ‘When’s the next one coming?’ Well before I answer that question, I'd like to give you all some good long awaited news! 'DUNPECKHAM' & 'LANDED ON THE MOON'  are now available in 'KINDLE' & Ebook format, just follow the title links to purchase.

I always think of what’s next in the pipe-line because I don’t want to be one of those authors who publish a book every 3 years. It was whilst writing ‘Memoirs of a Hitman’ I got the idea for my next novel - ‘My Eldorado,’ and I started to put pen to paper before I had finished Memoirs. When Memoirs was published and the dust had started to settle, I was more than half way through ‘My Eldorado.’ My plan is now to give all my time to the next chapter of my writing career by finishing my next novel and to start the one after. Included in that plan is to publish 2-3 novels per year, both in hardback and E-book formats. E-books are now beginning to be the ‘way to go’ because they are being accepted as a way forward in the publishing world. I have to be honest when I say that I did not like the E-book idea because it took the fight out of the game when trying to get published through a publisher. It gave way to thousands of unpublished writers to get their work out there. I am not one of those writers who had to fight off rejection letters from publishers. I was fortunate enough to get published first time and to date I have had none of my work rejected, but there is always a first time. I have decided to go with the E-book flow for two reasons:

  • I am already an established author and the majority of my readers won’t mind the different format.
  • The E-book system is a much faster system, with the process on getting your novel out there for all to see.

My plan is to release my next novel as an E-book, and then have the hardback edition come out a short time after. This gives the reader both options to get and read the novel quicker and then have the hardback as a keep sake or for collection. 

‘My Eldorado’ has one hell of a story-line and will appeal to avid readers of British crime fiction. I have an advantage over other crime authors because I have had the experience of having lived as a gangster. I have seen and been involved in things that would curl the toes of hardened men. I have had firsthand experience of how things operated in the criminal fraternity, so therefore know how things were planned and done. My ideas on story-lines may well be fictional but the plots and schemes I write about are unique to one that knows the score. So you won’t find me writing a story that has impossible fairytale story-lines where the reader would say ‘How could that happen?’ or ‘I do not believe that.’

Writing crime novels for me is uncomplicated and I do not mean that in an egotistic way either. I write about what I know and what I have been taught from my years as an active gangster. So when it comes to sitting down to start a novel, I imagine that I am the character. Then I use my vast amount of experience to put down in writing how I would go about doing whatever it is I am writing about. So if my story has a chapter on a bank raid, then I would write down on how I would have done it. I have to use visual aids to get my story line right and I will do that by checking out (for example) a bank that has an armoured van deliver a huge amount of cash to it. I would then watch and plan on how I could rob that truck successfully without getting caught. I would have to take into consideration my chances on getting apprehended and on how to avoid such a fate by using my life experience as an ex-gangster. You will not get a clearer picture of having an ex-armed robber write down in a fictional format on how he could pull a job off of this calibre.

So as you can gather, there is a huge amount of research done before my pen hits the paper to give you the reader a blinding real-to-life act of criminality. My books may well be fictional, but they are written by someone who knows how to pull a caper off of this kind. Someone people (especially ex-law enforcement) have mentioned the amount of true-to-life detail I put into the story I am working on. This tells me that I am on the right track when I am trying to portray something to make it as true-to-life as I can make it.

Even though I am working on ‘My Eldorado,’ I am also working on the next novel ‘The makings of a contract killer,’ so I am working two at the same time. When I am working on one novel and need a rest from it, my idea of a rest is to write the other novel. This will allow me to get more of my work out there for all to read as well as giving me more experience in this new world I am now in. I have a mind like a library with loads of exciting stories stored waiting to be told. In each of my stories I play the part of the lead character and it is this that gives me my own unique genre. I also use people that I have known from my gangster past and put them in my novels, so the end result is that I know how the character works - from what they are like when they are sad, mad, and bad, and the only thing I change is their identity. This way all the characters in my storylines are real, giving the reader a better insight into what real gangsters are like.

I will be writing my blog on a regular basis to be able to give you up-to-date info on what’s happening with my novels. I am also in the process of starting up a video blogging page where you will be able to see and hear me talk about what’s happening in my world... so stay tuned for more exciting news to come.

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