Landed on the Moon

Johnny Mack turns his back on drugs and crime when he moves to the Isle of Wight with his family. However, while his beloved wife and three children begin a new life, Johnny returns to the mean streets of Peckham in search of one last score in order to provide the funds needed to support his family. After seeking trusted friends still in the criminal scene he finds himself double crossed and barely escapes with his life, resulting in his return to the Isle of Wight to join his beloved wife and children.

His plan foiled, Johnny struggles with the guilt of returning to his family with no money for them to start their new life. His cockney accent generates prejudice from the community, and he is made to feel like an outsider. While working legitimately for a firm of boat builders he realises that one of his bosses is smuggling drugs. He decides to blackmail his boss for a large sum of money. The slow pace of the island leads him to a new addiction, replacing the former addiction to drugs which he successfully beat. His new way of thinking brings a strain to his marriage.

Finally, Johnny understands that he needs to call upon all his inner strength and resourcefulness to escape the demons that continue to haunt him. But how long will the unstinting love and support of his wife last?



Yet again we dive straight back in with Johnny who turned his back on the drugs. A move with the family but with one last score to settle... You have to keep reminding yourself of the vast journey Johnny has taken already. A blinding read that ticks all the right boxes once again. 5* rating - brilliant sequel to Dunpeckham.
Alan Merritt
Landed on the Moon
Landed on the Moon
Johnny Mack
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