Johnny Mack was born in Peckham, South-East London an only child to loving but strict parents. Although a bright and shrewd boy, he did not enjoy school - and school did not really enjoy him! He soon found out quickly that he had no choice but to join in the dodgy world of wheeling, dealing, ducking and diving which was all around him, getting involved in armed robbery, violence and drugs. He often tried to make a living in other ways - cab driving, running an illegal club frequented by infamous villains - but the easy money always beckoned as he tried to make a life for himself, his wife Carol and his children.

In this, his first book, he tells his story with no holds barred from his childhood and to when reality bites and he must choose between his old life and his family.



Dunpeckham was the book of the year for me. A brilliant read, and top respect to the author who managed to take me into his world. His honesty was over whelming. He never once used his ego in writing this book, and is a warning to us all of the dangers that we can come across. His drug addiction was his demise, but he had the guts to suffer 'cold turkey.' Fantastic read.
Johnny Mack
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